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At Teksapiens, we are very up on all the latest SEO strategies. Google is constantly changing, so it is necessary to stay updated as to what Google looks for when determining your rank on the search engines. Currently, there are THREE MAIN AREAS that Google considers when determining the rank or position of a website:

  1. The website content (hidden keywords, and relevant valuable content)
  2. Backlinks from numerous locations around the Internet pointed toward your website
  3. How much traffic your website receives.

Here is how we address these three areas to boost your ranking on Google:


When we build the website, we embed key words into the website which makes it easier for search engines such as Google to find the website. Therefore, the website is "Search Engine" ready once it is complete. We also use technology that is easy for Google to read, and we make sure that your website contains relevant content....enough pictures, text and tabs/pages with meaningful information that Google will deem as valuable. All of our websites come standard with a picture slideshow presentation on the front Home Page of your website. We also offer the option of upgrading to an actual video on your Home Page, like the one on the Home Page of TEKSAPIENS website. Either way, this adds value to the content of your website and makes it more meaningful than just flat, static pages of text, with no movement.

You can have the best ranking out of all your competition, with a lot of traffic and visitors to your website, but if your website does not entice the viewer to call you or to leave their information once they get there, then the SEO was was of no use. Therefore, as part of the content of your website, we always build a prominent box on the very front of your home page that invites your online viewers to "Get a Free Estimate" or "Get More Information". They leave their contact information and hit "submit". This lead is instantly emailed straight to you. Now your website has a "Call to Action" and turns visitors into actual leads. Visit for an example of a website that receives leads every day because of this box.

In short, your content must work along with your SEO efforts in order to be successful and help you to generate more business. But content alone still will not get you the results that you want. You also must give careful consideration to backlinks and traffic.


What is a back link? Back links are simply links that can be found anywhere on the Internet that refer back to your website. However, back links by themselves do not bring traffic either, they have to have certain "weight" in order to be taken into consideration by the search engines. The better the links, the more important Google thinks your website is, and the better the ranking. There are several ways that we create back links to your website. One way is by designing a dynamic video commercial for your business. You can see an example of one of these video presentations by clicking here. We would build a video presentation such as this one for YOUR business....showing why you are the company to go to in your industry. We then post this video on youtube and other video directory websites, with back links that refer back to your website. This is one way that we create a sense of "importance" to your website and help to broadcast your links all over the Internet. Your website will grow organically, just the way it should be and just the way Google and other search engines like it.

Another way that we help to create more back links to your website is by writing a series of general articles that are related to your industry, and we post these articles in numerous places all over the Internet at article directory websites with back links to your website. These articles have to be viewed by Google as helpful to the reader, such as "how to" articles or articles with helpful tips and advice related to your industry. At the end of every article, we mention your company and provide the link (the back link) to your website. Even if no one ever reads the article, Google reads it, and it helps your ranking. Again we do it organically, the way it should be done and the way Google and other search engines like it.


Google views websites that have the most traffic as being more important. We have a database of over 2000 resident's email addresses from all over the Dallas area that we use to help increase traffic to your website. We will email out to all the residents an advertisement for your company's services, along with your current special or offer (a coupon). They can also forward this offer to their friends and family. This will help to increase traffic to your website. You must also do YOUR part to increase traffic to your website. The more traffic the better. So, you will want to put your new website where it is easily visible on your flyers and ads and marketing materials, including business cards and signs and vehicles. Anywhere and everywhere that you mention your company name, you also want to mention your website.

In addition to increasing traffic to your website by our email marketing campaigns and by your including your website on all of your own advertising, we also can help to increase traffic by developing and executing your Business Social Media strategy. Once more, this allows the traffic to your website to grow organically, or naturally.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) must be done carefully. Google is getting smarter every day, and it knows when a website is artificially being pushed to the top. If it senses this, then it will kick it back down to the bottom and may even ban you from ever climbing to the top again. The increase in ranking must be gradual, or "organic"....a natural climbing of the ladder. And that is exactly how we do it. Also, in order for SEO to work, you really need to address ALL THREE of the areas above at the same time: content, back links and traffic. Honing in on just ONE of these 3 areas alone, such as trying to spread back links all over the Internet, and ignoring traffic and content, will be noticed by Google as artificially trying to boost a website's rankings. If all 3 areas are addressed at the same time, as it should be anyway, then Google responds well and views it as a natural, or "organic" climbing of the ranks.

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